Bama Bio

There currently is a lot of growing controversy raging as to whether or not "Barack Hussein Obama" (whose three-part arabic names essentially mean: a favored, or blessed one both handsome and crooked) is qualified by birth and/or citizenship to be the President of the United States.

From all the internet research this webauthor has recently done, particularly investigating all sorts of televised news reports and commentaries, plus a significant number of streaming video clips on YouTube, yours truly has definitely concluded that although claiming to be a "christian," "Barack Hussein Obama" has, in some of his speeches on record, exhibited a rather mocking or apostate brand of "christianity" by not only rejecting government-policy-establishment reference concordant with certain Judeo-Christian doctrinal-practice admonitions of the Old-Testament Torah...but also has - in a campaign debate hosted by Rick Warren - publicly declared the anti-homosexual segment of verses in the New-Testament book of Romans chapter one as "an obscure passage."

A YouTube video clip shows an ambassador of Kenya proclaiming that "Barack Hussein Obama" is a Kenyan muslim. Kaddafi of Libya has claimed the same thing in one of his recorded YouTube video clips. In one of his YouTube-recorded video clips, "Barack Hussein Obama" mentioned his "islamic faith" as a Freudian slip, then changed it when the interviewer suggested a correction. A YouTube video clip reveals Osama bin Laden on record predicting and promoting a muslim president coming to power over a deceived population.

In stark contrast, "Barack Hussein Obama" has, in some of his YouTube-recorded speeches, spoken of the Koran as "the Holy Qur'an," quoted from it in perfect arabic pronunciation, lauded the presumed accomplishments of islam, denied that America is a Christian nation, and refused to acknowledge that the Founding Fathers of the United States embraced the Holy Bible as the basis for their pilgrim-pioneer government.

There is a YouTube clip on record, repeated by a number of sources, showing Obama at some rally not putting his hand over his heart nor saluting at the American flag, for whatever cause he failed to do so.

Getting back to "Barack Hussein Obama's" questionable birthplace and/or citizenship, it is obvious that a concocted "Barack Hussein Obama" Birth Certificate purported to be authentic by Obama and his probably-dishonestly-lying democrat a fabricated laser-printed fake being that at the time of "Barack Hussein Obama's" birth, a genuine birth certificate at that time in history would have been typewritten instead of laser-printed.

Moreover, "Barack Hussein Obama" and his conspirators have not shown to the general public by any conveyance what can be considered by a non-partisan team of document experts his bonafide original [Hawaiian] Birth Certificate.

Mistakes on birth certificates can have been made, but such is normally NOT likely, whatsoever.

Of course, since Barack's natural father was a Kenyan citizen, and being that Barack's (or Barry's) birth was in Mombasa Kenya, that alone should immutably disqualify Barack Hussein Obama from continuing on as President, and would necessitate immediate action to impeach him and perhaps appoint Vice-President Joe Biden in his place as President.

That fact above is regardless of whether or not Barack's natural mother, as an immigrant into Hawaii, had had U.S. citizenship at the time of Barack's (or Barry's) birth while she was giving birth to Barack in Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa Kenya, the legal status of both citizenship-determination requirements of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution would have to be satisfied to qualify Barack (or Barry) as a genuine U.S. citizen.

To give a couple of examples:

If a pregnant Bolivian or Peruvian mother impregnated by a Mexican-citizenship father (he having registered Mexican citizenship), visited San Diego, then while she was applying for U.S. citizenship or was visiting on a visa, her baby was born in a San Diego hospital, her newborn baby be NOT be considered an American citizen, but instead a Mexican citizen.

If my mother, who (let's pretend) had been living in Wausau Wisconsin (but had been born a U.S. citizen in Alexandria Minnesota) was pregnant and traveled north across the border to Winnipeg Canada and (let's continue to pretend) I had been born in Canada (while my American-citizenship mother, impregnated by my American-citizenship father, was temporarily visiting there), I would not then be considered a Canadian citizen automatically but instead an American citizen -- regardless that I had been born in Winnipeg at the time of my birth.

A verse in the New-Testament book of Revelation speaks of the beast antichrist as one "who was, and is not, and is to come." The Old-Testament book of Daniel - in chapter eleven - speaks of "a contemptible [flatterer] to whom royal power has not been given."

Such are fascinating references in relation to the subject of concern discussed above and screenshot photos below.